Thursday, August 23, 2007

Corporate Accomodations...

On most of my projects I have lived in a corporate apartment in a gated community or something very similar.

On this project I had a choice of a "modular home" AKA a trailer or a house built in 1860. Notice the use of the word house and not apartment. I am not living on my own on this project, but with my colleagues....

We chose the 1860 house b/c it was available sooner that the "modular" home and quite honestly all of us (3) were sick of the Holiday Inn.

This house is at a perpendicular intersection of the two main roads in this "city". Every night I have 18 wheelers slamming on their brakes, bright lights and all, shining directly into my bedroom. It is pretty much a nightmare....but is it worse than hotel living, I mean MOTEL living?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Should there be a weight limit for airline seats?

I ask this question b/c two out of my last three flights I have had the pleasure of sitting next to individuals who had SEVERE issues when it came time to shimmy their bums into their seats.

Is it fair to ask people, like myself, to sit next to an individual who clearly does not fit in their seat?

Moreover, is it fair to ask passengers to "weigh in" for their particular seat purchase?

I am torn.

I am sick of sitting next to individuals who take of 50% of my seat, yet I somewhat empathize with those whose struggle with their weight and would be singled out if such an airline policy existed....