Thursday, August 23, 2007

Corporate Accomodations...

On most of my projects I have lived in a corporate apartment in a gated community or something very similar.

On this project I had a choice of a "modular home" AKA a trailer or a house built in 1860. Notice the use of the word house and not apartment. I am not living on my own on this project, but with my colleagues....

We chose the 1860 house b/c it was available sooner that the "modular" home and quite honestly all of us (3) were sick of the Holiday Inn.

This house is at a perpendicular intersection of the two main roads in this "city". Every night I have 18 wheelers slamming on their brakes, bright lights and all, shining directly into my bedroom. It is pretty much a nightmare....but is it worse than hotel living, I mean MOTEL living?

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